A Different Sort of Coffee

Java was the first language I felt comfortable with embarking on non-trivial tasks with, and remains at the core of my comfort zone. Not surprisingly, Microsoft's C# also works very well for me.

I adopted the Eclipse IDE very early as a Java programmer; this was long before NetBeans got its Swing GUI designer. Now it's just a matter of seeing how far the familiar can take me.


Turbo Trek 2

Turbo Trek 2 (TT2) is a remake of the old MS-DOS game, Turbo Trek (TT). Central to the effort is mirroring TT's object and scenario editors. As a very-long running project, it continues to evolve as I learn new techniques; incorporating these lessons has resulted in numerous rewrites and delays. Design patterns change everything...

This is a work-in-progress.

Is It Here Yet?

Is It Here Yet? (IIHY?) is a simple Android application that shows transit vehicle arrival time predictions for a particular stop. The application uses data provided by the NextBus public Internet XML feed.

IIHY? is free software released under the General Public License.


JavaTrek is a game created Andrew Killam, who was inspired by EGA Trek. I have since adopted it as a project without permission. This was driven by my inability to contact the author regarding bugs and suggestions; the given email addresses were dead when I got to them. Thus, I have decompiled the bytecode and made the changes myself.

I would be greatly appreciative if somebody might direct me to Mr. Killam's current email address.

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